'Working-Time' Exercises
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'Working-Time' Exercises

Now you can Practice Your Daily Workout While you are Busy Working!

We've designed simple exercises for use while working that will strengthen the back, improve circulation, reduce pain and pressure, and keep you alert. Use your 'Working-Time' Exercises to Maximize Your Health while working.

  • Strengthen your back to prevent ailments caused by sitting for long periods.
  • Build up your back's immunity to pain.
  • Revive inter-vertebral discs, keeping them supple and fluid.
  • Reinforce the flexibility of your waist and belly
  • Induce blood circulation
  • Induce the function of your intestines and stomach
  • Work off fat around your waist with extensive regular use of dynamic sitting

You can watch your 'FIT's working time' exercise set here:

Dynamic - dailyworkout - ENG


FIT is a proactive approach that increase your immunity to back and neck problems, keeping your body fit, healthy and strong within the confines of your chair.

 Your inner muscles layers should support your spine and joints. A FIT person is one that his inner layer muscles are in proper shape to support the back and reduce pressure and loads from the discs.



You can continue to 'Strengthen your Core Muscles Deeper'  page.


FIT - Strengthens your Core

FIT - Sit Healthy!

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