Strengthen your Core Muscles Deeper
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  Strengthen your Core Muscles Deeper

‎‎If you are experiencing more back pain and injury your core-muscles, which support your spine, are weak, and you probably sit in harmful postures as well. Strong core muscles, that are closest to the skeleton, support your back, making it ‎more resilient to anything from simple movements to lifting and athletic activity.‎

The core muscles are in the inner layer closest to your skeleton and are difficult to "reach" or activate. For example abdominal core muscles bracing your back enhance strengthen and protects against joint and disc injury. But with a busy work and life schedule, it's often difficult to find the time and a convenient place for healthy daily physical activity.


FIT lets you easily train the core muscles that keep your back immune from pain and injury, strengthen your body, and improve your overall fitness. 

FIT does it by allowing to move the pelvis freely, while strengthening the torso from the core at the same time! Your challenge when practicing with FIT is to develop flexible hips and good pelvic mobility and at the same time have a strong and stable spine. 

Using tension-filled elastic bands anchored to the chair base, the chair lets you train deeper core muscles with ease. After only two or three days you'll feel the difference in your body comes automatically and effortlessly.


Office marketing practicecore -anim- ENGPrepare the chair for fitness before beginning practicing:

 [I].    Assemble the bands-cuffs to the chair by placing the two cuffs to two seperate wheel base legs, keeping the metal ring on top.

 [II].   Assemble each elastic band to the metal ring of one of the cuffs that is on the wheel-base.

 [III].  Adjust the height of the chair so you can sit comfortably with the seat tilted slightly down forward; and where the seat height will allow you to move your pelvis freely.

 [IV].   Adjust the power of the elastic bands. There are three connection rings in the strap of each handle. Connecting the elastic band to a ring closer to the handle will increase the power that the band create.


Training video tutorials below explain how to perform these unique exercises. The exercises are classified into two phases:

Warmup and Office Exercises - Performed while sitting on the chair. You can perform those exrercises in office at any time, they will prepare your body for the next stage as well.‎ Always start with this stage.

Elastic Bands Exercises -  Performed using tension-filled elastic bands.‎


The next video toturials are linked to FIT-Pro  fitness chair product tutorials. They are demonstrated on FIT-Pro fitnees chair, you can perfrom them in the same way on your FIT chair.


Warmup and Office‎ Excersies
Office Ex.1 - Revive

office ex1- Revive

Office Ex.2 - Neck-it

office ex2 - neckit

Office Ex.3 - Embryo

office ex3 - Embryo

Office Ex.4 - AVB-1

office ex4 - avb1

Office Ex.5 - Shaker

office ex5 - shaker


Excersices With Elastic Bands     
 Office Ex.6 - Be-Proad

office ex6- be proad

Office Ex.7 - Turtle

office ex7 - turtle

Office Ex.8 - Houdini 

office ex8 - Houdini

Office Ex.9 - Knee-Kick

office ex9 - Kickit

Office Ex.10 - Grab-the-Sack

office ex10 - GrabtheSack1

Office Ex.11 - Knee-2X-Elbow

office ex11- knee2elbow

Office Ex.12 - Liberty

office ex12- Liberty

Office Ex.13 - AVB-2

office ex13 - avb2 

Office Ex.14 - Sit-Ups

office ex14 - SitUps2

Office Ex.15 - AVB-3

 office ex15 - avb3

Office Ex.16 - Eagle-Fly 

office ex16 - EagleFly

Office Ex.17 - Basketball-Shot

office ex17- basketball

Office Ex.18 - AVB-4

office ex18 - avb4

Office Ex.19 - Weight-Lift

office ex19 - Weightlift

Office Ex.20 - AVB-5

office ex20 - avb5

Office Ex.21 - Hercules

office ex21 - Hercules

 After working out on the FIT chair you can perform the mat exercises for releasing the body and to help improve the flexibility of the back.


Strengthen Your Back & Joints for Sitting, Like Athletes Do for Sports

Your inner muscles layers should support your spine and joints. A FIT person is one that his inner layer muscles are in proper shape to support the back and reduce pressure and loads from the discs.

FIT's Dynamic movement strengthens the inner core muscle layers of your back and abdomen.

The strong leg muscles of an athlete firmly support his leg joints if he/she stumbles on a small rock, for example. The same is true for your back. Your back and inner abdominal core muscles should be in shape to prevent injuries caused by the regular use of conventional chairs for long periods of time, or by every-day loads on your back.



FIT - Strengthens your Core

FIT - Sit Healthy!


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