How to Sit in the FIT chair
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As explained in 'normal-postures', with FIT you can sit healthy in an upright position when you work in front of a computer or sitting in front of a desk.
FIT HowToSit - normal - ENG

[1].  Sit upright without leaning on the backrest, move your feet back and tilt the seat forward-and down at a comfortable angle.

[2].  You can lean your heels on the base of the chair,

[3].  or place one ankle over the other .

[4].  Pull your shoulders back and stick your chest out a little.

[5].   In this “normal” posture, the angle between your thighs and back is greater than 900 and the pressure on your lumbar discs and nerves in your spine is minimal. This type of  sitting posture will keep your back healthy during long periods of sitting.

[6].  From this posture, you should occasionally move the seat to the sides,

[7].  or in small circular motions , as if you’re sitting on a small ball.

[8].  You can recline into a resting posture as well when you wish to. 


See also the 'Working-Time' exercises to improve your health while working.

FIT - Sit Healthy!

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