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FIT-Total introduces  a revolutionary chair technology that keeps your body healthy and pain-free during long hours of sitting. FIT lets you sit comfortably
fit 493 slidersmfor long periods of time in working positions while staying relaxed and vitalized and without harming your back and neck.

To be healthy, our bodies need to move, FIT helps you move in healthy ways while you sit, and supports sitting in 'Normal Postures'  that are ideal for your body’s anatomy. Where, you can effortlessly adjust your torso-thigh sitting angle to over 90 degrees, eliminating distortion in the spine. This keeps you 'Naturally Balanced' with full control and confidence.

  1. chairs, based on our patented technologies, 'Brainand 'Smart-Seat', adapt themselves to natural and healthy postures that  protect your spine and offer a 'Dynamicand interactive solution for problems caused by a lifetime of unhealthy sitting. 
  2. even helps tone your back and inner abdominal muscles. This can prevent back injuries, improve your posture and help alleviate back and neck pain.
  3. FIT can change your life.

Benefits of FIT

  • Relieve stress on lumbar discs and spine.
  • Reduce stress on muscles, ligaments and joints.
  • Prevent muscular atrophy through "Dynamic Sitting"Office marketing - anim
  • Improve blood circulation and digestion
  • Improve breathing by allowing open body angles postures 
  • Increase energy level and concentration and decrease fatigue
  • Prevent potential long-term damage during a child's developmental years caused by poor sitting habits at desk or computer workstation
  • Induce the function of your intestines and stomach
  • Improve overall health and well-being


Now yopu can sit in Normal Postures, such that makes a more than 90-degree angle between your torso and your thighs, effortlessly for long periods of time. This works for either upright or more tilted-back postures.

Office marketing - 90deg -4NormalPosture


Office life in front of the computer tethers us to our desks, denying our body's natural talent and desire to move. Our organism needs regular movements to Office marketing strengthencore - ENGstay healthy. FIT is a dynamic chair system that allows the body to move and adjust in the sitting position regularly with ease and comfort.

  1. FIT is a proactive approach that increase your immunity to back and neck problems, keeping your body fit, healthy and strong within the confines of your chair.

Benefits of Dynamic Sitting

  • Strengthen your back to prevent ailments caused by sitting for long periods.
  • Build up your back's immunity to pain or damage caused by bad posture and eliminating atrophy.
  • Revive inter-vertebral discs, keeping them supple and fluid to retain their buffering effect.
  • Tone your inner Core-muscles , to support your spine, and reduce pressure on discs and nerves, and prevent back injury. 
  • Reinforce the flexibility of your waist and belly
  • Work off fat around your waist with extensive regular use of dynamic sitting
  • Fitness your body for health and total strength


fit 517op slidersm


slider - brain seat - HEB












FIT - Strengthens your Core

FIT - Sit Healthy! 

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