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The Smart-Seat makes the difference! The ability to use the benefits of the dynamic joint and sit comfortably and easily in any 'Normal Posture', are part of the elements that makes the FIT usable. An art of integration of multitude of innovations in one smart-seat.

Benefits of the Smart-Seat:

  • Sit in an upright 'Normal Postures' with no effort to arrest the body from sliding down; and with no physical barriers on other parts of the body.
  • Sit comfortably in a reclined back 'Normal Posture'.
  • Distribute the weight of sitters evenly, to improve ability to sit long duration with minimum effort. 
  • Reduce inter-vertebral discs pressures.
  • Assist and support to move the seat safely, balanced and in control.
  • Apply 'Natural Balance' easily.
  • Easily apply advanced 'Dynamic' core fitness movements.
  • Optimal integration with the 'Brain'

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What's so special?  It is only a seat!

The 'Smart-Seat' is an advanced seat design, it integrates few of our innovations together. Some of those concepts are contradicting each other, they were combined together successfully in a complex art . A result of strict and target research, designed by advanced tools.

Here are few of the targets that the design had to deal with:

  • When sited upright with seat tilted forward the 'Normal Posture' benefits can turn to be disadvantage: 
    • About 65% of total body weight is supported by the muscles. The seat had to solve this by a structure that will reduce the load from the user and will download it to the seat, 'Brain' and frame.
    • The body tends to slide down. The seat had to solve this with no barriers on other parts of the body (unlike kneeling chairs for example)
    • Pressure is built from vertex down, concentrating most of body weight load on pelvis's two small area sitting bones. That causes higher pressure, discomfort and pain. Moreover it makes it more difficult to maintain upright  posture. The seat tackles this as well.
  • Prevent gluteus muscles of flattening under body weight, preserving the ability of muscle tissue to soothe and isolate.
  • Counter-support pelvis movements in any direction, so to exploit the 'Brain's capabilities and allow easy to use dynamic movements.  
  • Strong seat structure to keep the shape under loads of balance and fitness activities.

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How Is It Designed?

The Smart-Seat is built with a combination of structures, such as:

  • Surface shape that supports optimal even load-pressure distribution at any sited angle.
  • Multi-curved upper surface that contributes to the resistance of sliding when the seat is tilted down forward.
  • Moderate innovative saddle-like shape, with cross-wise convex curves, allowing to embrace the seat slightly and lowers thighs slightly for easier upright postures
  • Sloping raised supports that increase friction by out-pressed thighs, to arrest further sliding down. 
  • Shaped circumference counter-supports to prevent sliding out when tilted in any direction.
  • Shape that support buttocks tissues from flattening, to allow the pelvis to rest on those tissues. 
  • Shapes that diverts pressure off the sitting bones.
Your 'Smart-Seat' is now capable to enable proper 'Normal-Postures', 'Naturally-Balanced', in a 'Dynamic' and proactive approach.  

FIT - Sit Healthy!

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