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FIT is a Natural-Balance system. 

With the 'Brain' and 'Smart-Seat', FIT lets you use your Natural Balance to:

  • Naturally move into the Normal Postures, rather than forcing a posture. 
  • Restore the body's natural harmony with balanced postures
  • Maintain a balanced posture or to stray from it temporarily without causing strain


With FIT's natural body balancing, you can:

  • Sit easily and naturally in healthy 'Normal Postures'
  • Distribute weight naturally over the vertebrae and spinal cord discs
  • Reduce pressures caused by static sitting followed by momentary movements
  • Maintain healthy blood circulation
  • Preserve your vitality and alertness while reducing fatigue


What is Natural Balance?

"Natural-Balance" (or "Natural Instability"), is one of the core technologies web - balancethat makes up the 'FIT'. With the Brain, your seat can tilt in a progressive way to any side, creating a sense of semi-instability. The user can trigger this imbalance and then re-balance the seat with his/her body.

The actions of unbalancing and re-balancing, along with the unique pivotal movement of the Brain strengthens deep core muscles in your back.

On the one hand, the Brain, provides a safe and stable sitting experience. On the other hand, FIT allows a "natural instability" to occur, only when the user allows it to happen. At any moment, the user can take advantage of this dynamic movement while sitting.


Natural-Balance and Upright Normal-Postures

When you sit on the chair it can gently and naturally diverts you into a 'Normal Posture' where your torso is upright. This is the appropriate posture for efficient and body-healthy work that can preserve your vitality and alertness. The angle of the seat will be tilted, if you allow it, down forward into a ‘negative seat angle’. You will then be able to set the amount of angle of the seat as you desire, using your body to do so. You will feel more natural to seat this way, rather than forced into it. The Smart-Seat will help you to maintain such postures easily.

FIT - Sit Healthy!

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