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Dynamic - the Proactive Approach

Office life in front of the computer tethers us to our desks, denying our body's natural talent and desire dynamic orangeto move. Our organism needs regular movements to stay healthy. FIT is a dynamic chair system that allows the body to move and adjust in the sitting position regularly with ease and comfort.

FIT is a proactive approach that increase your immunity to back and neck problems, keeping your body fit, healthy and strong within the confines of your chair. FIT also acts as a preventative for those who still don't suffer from back pain.


Benefits of Dynamic Sitting

  • Strengthen your back to prevent ailments caused by sitting for long periods.
  • Build up your back's immunity to pain or damage caused by bad posture and eliminating atrophy.
  • Revive inter-vertebral discs, keeping them supple and fluid to retain their buffering effect.
  • Tone your inner Core-muscles , to support your spine, and reduce pressure on discs and nerves, and prevent back injury. 
  • Reinforce the flexibility of your waist and belly
  • Induce blood circulation
  • Induce the function of your intestines and stomach
  • Work off fat around your waist with extensive regular use of dynamic sitting
  • Fitness your body for health and total strength

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Do yourself a favor and move!

"The human body is designed for a lot of movement. It not only withstands movement admirably, it even needs it desperately to stay healthy". Long period static sitting is something our body is not able to handle properly. You need some load and movements on the appropriate muscles so they will have the strength to carry your spine and not to waste away; and for the intervertebral discs to stay supple fluid and retain their buffering effect, otherwise they become brittle and porous. "Dynamic sitting is the least you can do for the sake of your body." [citations used from the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) article]

  • “Humans are not meant to sit still. Nor are they meant to pound incessantly on computer keyboards”.[Albany Times Union (Albany, NY)]. 
  • "Most back pains are due to the muscles, ligaments and joints of the back being "out of condition“, the answer to backache is to get your back moving and working properly again.” . 
  • “People who sit for long periods are at risk for back disorders.”  
  • “Lack of movement not only costs many computer workers their health, but also costs the companies and economic a lot of money” / "It has also been proven scientifically that the combination of sitting and lack of movement can wear out almost all spines and intervertebral discs in the long run". 
  • “All sitters should move around - helping the muscles relax and recover, squeeze and unsqueeze the intervertebral discs, which results in better filtration of fluids in & out of the discs cores. Discs stay plumper and, in the long run, healthier.” . 

What is a good dynamic movement?

Many ergonomic chairs are described as dynamic. The fact is that in order for a "dynamic chair" to really be dynamic and efective, it has to let you move in other ways than just back and forth.

The dynamic chair should be able to

    • move in all directions in a stable and safe way.
    • The location of the pivot of motions should allow your movements to originate from the lower spine, where many conventional static postures harm you most.
    • It must supply you the feedback and counter pressure so you can feel safe and practice your muscles, but should not load you too much.

Proper dynamic movement enables the correct distribution of loads, revives your inter-vertebral discs so that they stay supple and fluid to retain their buffering effect. 

'Working-Time' Exercises to Maximize Your FIT Chair! 

We've designed simple exercises for use while working that will strengthen the back, improve circulation, reduce pain and pressure, and keep you alert.  You can watch FIT's 'Working-Time Exercise' set here.


Strengthen Your Back & Joints for Sitting, Like Athletes Do for Sports

Your inner muscles layers should support your spine and joints. A FIT person is one that his inner layer muscles are in proper shape to support the back and reduce pressure and loads from the discs.

FIT's Dynamic movement strengthens the inner core muscle layers of your back and abdomen.

The strong leg muscles of an athlete firmly support his leg joints if he/she stumbles on a small rock, for example. The same is true for your back. Your back and inner abdominal core muscles should be in shape to prevent injuries caused by the regular use of chairs for long periods of time, or by every-day loads on your back.

Staying Fit with a Strong Back and a Healthier Body

Strengthening your back and abdominal inner core muscles are essential for good health. The core muscles are in the inner layer closest to your skeleton and are difficult "reach," or activate. Spending hours at the gym won't move them much. Some physiotherapeutic exercises, designed for back rehabilitation can stimulate them. But these types of exercises are not easy to perform during a normal work day.

The "Brain", along with easily attachable modular elastic bands and handles, turn your chair into a fitness center for your back and abdominal muscles, spine and discs. These special elastic bands add counter-pressure to your waist movement, effectively working your difficult-to-reach inner muscles. The elastic bands are easy to use and easily accessible.

The combination of the "Brain" and elastic bands work together to improve your posture and overall health like no other chair or chair technology available. We've designed exercises to help you maximize your new chair to activate your core muscles deeper!

Watch FIT's Fitness Exercise Set to 'strengthen your core muscles deeper' here.


Or Go-Pro with the proffesional FIT-Pro chair.


FIT - Strengthens your Core

FIT - Sit Healthy!

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