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The Brainbrain

The "Brain" is a seat joint that makes your chair intelligent, enabling it to adapt to your postures and movements. With the "Brain," your chair can dynamically and safely rotate on any axis with balance and control and no sensation of falling. Without having to use any handles, your chair adjusts to you, protecting your back.

The 'Brain' links between the seat and the chair frame for optimal integration with the 'Smart-Seat' technology, in ways wherein the user feels ‘naturally balanced’.

Benefits of the "Brain"

While sitting for long periods of time:

  • Dynamically adjust the amount of seat angles and torso-thigh angles in any of your 'normal postures'.
  • Relax and strengthen your back with a 'natural balance'.
  • Move your pelvis while relaxing other body muscles
  • Move the pelvis in physio-therapeutic ways
  • Chose the 'Dynamic and proactive approach' to prevent back injury and tone your inner Core-muscles that support the spine.
  • Reduce inter-vertebral discs pressures by dynamically moving the seat
  • Induce blood flow in a body part that feels numb 
brainpage - proj into spine - ENG


The 'Brain', based on our patents, is a result of a long research in sitting postures and sitting morbidities.

The Brain translates human body language into chair language

One of the special features of the 'Brain' is to allow to easily move the pelvis and lower spine, while relaxing or strengthening muscles in other parts of the body, in order to effectively relax or strengthen the lower back.

Allowing safe, progressive and balanced seat movements, in which the user triggers the movement and can chose to switch between dynamic and static seamlessly, without any handles.


Fitness capabilities

The 'Brain' provides elasticity and counter-forces that allows the seat to act as a fitness device by itself, when the user applies forces to move it from any certain balance position.

Since the pivot of movement is design to virtually feel as it is positioned in your waist, it can effectively strengthen the inner layers of back and abdominal muscles. You can practice now your hula dancing.


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FIT - Sit Healthy!

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